Le Pont du Gard

Saint Remy de Provence




Saint Paul de Mausole


This tour gives you the opportunity to plunge into Provence history : from the roman epoch to the medieval times.

We will begin the day by discovering le Pont du Gard

This incredible bridge was built around 19 BC !
It is in fact a part of an aqueduct which transported spring water from a catchment area near Uzès to the Romans in Nîmes. It was engineered to carry the daily water supply along its 31 miles. This huge and so old construction is very impressive. This is something you will never forget in your life !

Saint Rémy de Provence : This little town located at the bottom of the Alpilles chain and at the edges of the prosperous agricultural region of Chateaurenard is a very pleasant place to stop. Its streets display charming 16th and 17th century mansions.

One of its interesting site is the Clinique Saint Paul where stood the painter Van Gogh, in may 1889 after he had mutilated his ear. We still can recognize places around that he represented in his paintings. (entrance to the clinic not included)

The other point of visit is a fabulous testimony of the roman epoch. A triumphal arch and a mausoleum still stand proudly at the entrance of the former greco-roman town. These two masterpieces are considered as one of the roman buildings best preserved.

Tarascon : This city located along the Rhône River, formerly frontier between Provence and Languedoc, boasts one of the best preserved medieval fortress in France. This huge 14th construction was to keep after the border.

Close by, you will visit the medieval Collegiate Sainte Marthe : The legend goes that Martha came from Palestine to Tarascon where there ruled at the time a terrible amphibian monster called Tarasque. With great courage the saint miraculously tamed the monster.

Since that time pilgrims come to visit the Collegiate Church St. Martha which was built in her honor.

Beaucaire, just facing Tarascon on the other side of the Rhône river had also a fortress from which remains a stronghold. , In the 15th century, the French king declared that Beaucaire would become the site of the Foire de la Madeleine, a commercial fair that would enable the trade of goods from all of the Mediterranean Basin countries to all of France. By the mid seventeenth century, the Fair was the largest commercial fair in the Mediterranean region, exceeding in six days the total volume of trade done in Marseilles in a year. One result of these years of commercial dominance was the construction of a remarkable number of architecturally significant mansions and palaces by rich merchants of many nationalities.

The Canal that goes from the Rhône river to Sète crosses the city and display a wide variety of leisure boats and barges...

Suggested schedule
9:00am Pick up at your hotel
10:30 Visit the Pont du Gard, one of the most beautiful Roman constructions in the region and the highest roman aqueduct still standing in the world
11:30 Drive to Saint-Remy through Beaucaire and Tarascon with a view on the medieval castle built right by the Thône river
12:45pm Lunch and tour of Saint-Remy, this little town located at the foothills of the Alpilles chain. One of its interesting sites is the Clinique Saint Paul where stayed the painter Van Gogh, in May 1889 after he had mutilated his ear (about 5 euros per person)
04:00 Drive back
05:00 Drop off