Arles, place de la République


Arles : the Celtic city colonized by the Greeks became Roman after Julius Caesar distributed the land among his veteran legionnaires in 46 B.C. This was the first Golden Age of the city dubbed « Little Rome in Gaul ». At that time, it was a city of considerable importance covering an area of some 99 acres and it possessed a wide array of monuments, including an amphitheater, triumphal arch, circus, theater and a full circuit of walls.

Nowadays, among other Roman remains, we still can see the amphitheater (where are conducted some bullfights), the theater, the Constantine baths and a part of the wall surrounding the city. They are all listed as Unesco world heritage monuments.

Also, the medieval heritage is unique, such as the fine cloisters and portal of St. Trophime’s church and Arles has preserved many lovely buildings dating from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. (entrances to monuments not included)

As Van Gogh lived in Arles, some places he painted are recognizable such as the famous cafe, the courtyard of the hospital and the Langlois bridge...

Suggested schedule
9:00am Pick up at your hotel
10:00 Visit of the roman city of Arles and its well preserved sites all listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: amphitheater, theater, bath…
12:00 Drive back
01:00pm Drop off